A Message from a Tulip

My mom and dad’s anniversary was the 28th of January. They were married in Minnesota during the infamous blizzard of ’78. Minnesota was okay-ish, but dad’s family and friends traveling from Michigan had to miss the big day and used their snow days to plan party #2.

Channeling my dad’s gardener spirit, I picked up two beautiful bouquets of tulips on my trip to Trader Joe’s to celebrate the memory and brighten our gray days. I was drawn to the pure white and the fuchsia, but the rogue orange that made itself known after a few days with us seemed to have a message for me.

My mom had been ooh’ing and ahh’ing over these flowers (it has been REALLY gray and cold here – fresh bouquets really have a lot of power to brighten a space!), and said, “you know, I really like the orange one the best.” It was almost as if the tulips whispered to me — “Be the orange one. Shine your unique light.” I also love how the pink and white flowers seem to be hugging, nurturing, and protecting their unique friend.

We grow up in a world that conditions us, out of safety and human tribal wiring, to be like those around us. Yet, the world is made better, problems are solved, advances are made, joy is brought, by those that aren’t afraid to show up in their uniqueness. We learn so much through curiosity and respectfully discussing our differences. We empower the world by nurturing uniqueness, in ourselves and those around us.

This little surprise of an orange tulip packed a whopping message and added to our happiness.

What is one gift of yours that you know makes you unique? What is one tiny step you can take to cultivate that gift this year?

Each of us is here for a reason and has a gift to share.

With 🤍💕🧡,


Feb 2, 2022

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