Coaching Tip: Get Unstuck

What areas of your life are you saying you want a thing to happen, but in reality what you’re experiencing is exactly the opposite?

Learning this seemingly simple, madlib like, fill in the blank coaching prompt from Nancy Levin has been a major unlock for me. It has shifted how I work through inner stuff and has opened up so many more pathways in my life. 

For me these have sounded like:

“I say I want a thriving entrepreneurial business that makes impact, but what I’m experiencing is holding myself back and not sharing my offerings with the world.”

“I say I want a supportive rooted romantic partnership, but what I’m experiencing is not putting myself out there and also attracting men that are anything but.”

Yes, I’ve had many more…

In corporations this can sound like:

“We say we want to make environmental impact, but what we’re experiencing is overassortment and still too much plastic.”

“We say we want a thriving employee culture, but what we’re experiencing is a lack of empowerment, validation, and accountability due to underminding corporate politics and an insecure culture.”

And yes, I’m sure there are many more based on each individual business. 

This simple prompt is meant to get at the root of the weed that is holding you back – an underlying commitment that’s just been chilling behind the curtain in your subconcious. You’re not getting that thing NOT because you don’t deserve it or you’re not trying hard enough. You’re not getting it because younger you made a commitment to you to ensure you were loved. And as an adult it comes out swinging as self-sabotage because this old commitment is lurking in our subconcious ready to strike. It’s there because it thinks it’s keeping us safe. But in reality, it’s holding us back from thriving. Once we ask ourself this question, we lure out the commitment, taking away it’s power.

What does this even mean? 

Using my own examples.

Younger me made a promise to myself to be more commited to others comfort than my own. Entrepreneurs often make people uncomfortable. Coaching can make people uncomfortable. 

And romance… I earned love and attention by fixing things, by not being a burden or expressing my needs or wants. So I made a commitment to myself to never have needs. Pretty hard to allow a stable romance into your life when you have no needs… 🙄

In my coaching practice and in my daily life when I see myself not doing the things I promised myself, I know there’s a commitment lurking trying to hold me back. It came from a good place, but it was created when we were much younger. It’s time to set it free and create a new commitment, now that we’re older and wiser. This is one of the tools I use to get to the root – and everytime it creates major openings in my life. 

Reinvention Coaching and Card Readings can be a great tool to support you in uncovering your own. I’d love to support you in feeling the freedoms these practices have opened up for me. 



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Mar 9, 2022



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