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To unleash your own magic.

If you’ve read my previous posts I’m making the case that each and every one of us is magic. If you are Spiritual, many believe our path on earth is to pass a series of lessons to become our best selves. If you are religious you know that God made us in His image, we are His children and He hopes that we’ll unlock and share the gifts He’s given each of us. It’s all a part of His master plan.

I believe in a little bit of both, but I also believe that I want to leave a positive imprint on earth and with everyone I meet. To do this, I must believe I am magic and arrived here with a purpose to fulfill (regardless how small, many tiny seeds planted eventually become a great forest). When I’m down and humdrum, no one benefits. That doesn’t mean I can’t be those things, it just means I have a group of tools and humans I turn to to ensure most get my best most of the time.

Below are four simple steps to unleash a little bit more of your magic on this earth. Learned and tested from my own experience and also witnessed in friends, fellow coaches, and clients. And not so ironically, the below 4 steps will also help your inner dialog get a little more positive.

1. Believe in your uniqueness.  And trust these gifts that make you unique, these gifts that come easily to you, are a guidepost to the mark you are meant to leave on this world. 

2. Know thy self. In a world that teaches us to focus on others & what others want from us tuning into yourself and making your inner knowing translation a priority is an act of rebellion. Do you like that outfit because fashion tells you to or because it brings out all your best qualities and you feel fabulous? Do you not tell the waiter of your food allergy because you don’t want to be a burden (and end up feeling sick as a result)? Stop putting you last and spend time getting to know you again.  In doing so you model behaviors to those around you, and the universe will follow suit. 

3. Listen to and act on your intuition. Listening to you and you first is tuning into your navigator on your life map. It taps into a knowing that, based on experience, I know exists within each of us, that the world wants us to forget about. You’ve probably had a time or two where you thought, I should’ve listened to that soft still voice but it just didn’t make sense? What if you started listening to and acting on that always?

4. Trust the process. Or in coaching terms, what we call being unattached from the outcome, and this is SO hard. Especially for an outcome focused society where we’re constantly fed ads and marketing that if we just DO this, we’ll get THAT. But here’s the thing, our beautiful amazing body does SO much every day without us dictating to it. Think of all the processes that go into turning one bite of food into fuel for our cells? Or that when we move one finger to type every cell in our body is conspiring in our favor? Magic takes a lot of trust, in you, in your intention, in the foundation you’ve built, in the lessons you’ve learned, and the process. 

I believe in you and so look forward to seeing your magic take shape in this world. 

Sep 15, 2022

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