Monthly Intuitive Theme: Move Through the Muck

What if I told you discomfort was worth wading through when you’ve identified the task as something that will get you closer to your vision? And that generally, it must be some sort of law of the universe, you will encounter discomfort as you pursue your dreams and your greater purpose. The superhero’s journey, the alchemist, even the story of Jesus all showcase the magic that happens when you move through discomfort and ask for help along the way.

Here are a few areas where you may be choosing short-term fake comfort over your long-term best interests and dreams: a house full of clutter, not working out consistently, staying in a job (or any relationship) that makes you miserable, not having that tough conversation, not sharing how you feel, not putting money into savings, not sharing your needs, not countering that job offer, not providing constructive and timely feedback to your team, not pursuing that dream that lives in your heart even just a few hours a month, not pitching your great idea and holding onto that shy persona…

As I shared with my email subscribers I’ve moved through a lot of muck and embraced a lot of discomfort in the last 5 or so years. It is worth it. Most recently I set a goal to finish a key page on this website, and I was really great at doing everything BUT that. But here’s the thing… it only got heavier and it was holding me back from my vision for this year: of making greater impact and allowing momentum to carry me forward. Websites are amazing at creating momentum, when done correctly. Mine is better today than it was last year, but it still needs some refining.

So how did I finally stop avoiding this task, get started, and finish it?

Call in reinforcements, create a ritual / safe space, and set a timer

I share this here in the hopes that you’ll realize calling in multiple reinforcements and setting the scene is OK, especially if it finally gets you moving. 

  • I confessed to Matt and asked him for a nudge. Often just telling someone, knowing they’ll hold me accountable with love, inspires me to act.
  • I texted a friend, hi Stef! – we worked at Tory Burch together and she’s on a more spiritual path now too. She kindly had me look at the old me vs. new me and reminded me what I was building.
  • I prayed and created a ritual at my desk. Whenever I’m stuck asking God, my ancestors, and my angels to guide my actions for the highest and best usually gets me moving with a teensy bit more clarity and faith.
  • I lit a candle, turned on music, and poured myself a beer (sometimes this is tea, coffee, or soda water, but a beer is what my soul called for here in this moment).
  • I set a timer for 5 minutes and just started. Once you start it’s usually pretty easy to carry that momentum to finish.

Other examples to help you just get started

As a highly sensitive person, empath, and intuitive how I feel with the people around me, in my space, and in my clothes can often make or break my bravery to just get started. Here are a few other seemingly simple ways I’ve empowered myself to just begin and move through the muck towards the life I desired.

  • Know physical movement will empower you through your days and help you age with grace, but never make time for it.
    • Do you have the right clothes?
    • Do you need an accountability partner?
    • Do you need a new gym with more aligned community or routine that brings you more joy while empowering every cell in your body?
  • Not having that tough conversation that has been nagging you and on your heart for a while (this includes feedback at work).
    • Do you have a support team to help you craft what to say?
    • Do you need to spend some time writing a few notes of the most important things to get across?
    • Do you need to practice in front of a mirror or with a close friend?
    • Do you believe that your inherently worthy and your thoughts and opinions matter?
  • Say you’re ready for an intimate romantic relationship but aren’t actually putting yourself out there to meet someone and even find yourself working longer hours.
    • Are you using the right dating platform for you? (there are endless ways to meet people these days, some are much better than others)
    • Have you shared with your friends and family and asked for their help?
    • When you’re out and about do you hide behind your friends or isolate yourself in any way? What could you do to make you confident to stand out more?

A worksheet to help you focus

Often a little bit of movement through the muck in one area of your life will ripple out into other areas. That movement helps you grow trust in yourself and your ability to handle whatever comes your way. It also boosts your self-confidence from the inside out.

Wondering what area you should focus on? See below worksheet and let me know what you think.

I invite you to close your eyes and take a few deep breaths before making any notes. Ask yourself (yes, I know it sounds so hokey, but it WORKS), what is most important for you to know right now for your highest and best and the worlds. It helps to close out the din of the world when doing this kind of work.

Feb 4, 2024

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