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follow your heart

adverb, adjective

to be, act, and make decisions from your heart rather than your head. 


from latin cor: heart
from the heart


from latin cor: heart
speak || act ||be || live
from the heart

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Heart at the center of a map

Studies show heart frequency senses before the brain as it extends farther out from our bodies. It’s deeply connected to the intuition and what is best for you and the planet. It rarely makes logical sense in the moment. It usually nudges you towards something that’s a bit scary. It trusts that there is always plenty…

What is Heart-Centered?

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A mission statement is your northstar that guides your everyday choices. So how do you write one that empowers you and your business? And why should you spend the time to do it?

It all started with Matt nudging me to make more often and sharing how he started home brewing. In coaching we call that consistency and habits. You have to build the muscle somehow. You have to prove to yourself and the universe that you mean business by backing your words and dreams up with action.

Just Start

The past few months I’ve talked about the power of vision, trusting in the seeds you’ve planted, and intuition, discipline and grit felt like the perfect next chapter in this series. Without a clear vision for your life and dreams it’s difficult to know where to apply grit. It takes great discipline to maintain faith, keep working in spite of not yet seeing results, and to practice honing and following your intuition.

Bee Deliberate with Your Discipline

Self-awareness is a practice that’s made much easier with tools and a support team. My own experience has shown me it is a superpower and is a critical tool to nurture at all levels in an organization.

How we lead in our lives and in our careers needs to be reinvented. In order to create a regenerative and sustainable world it’s time to excavate what keeps getting in our way. If each of us taps into and supports ourselves in being our best, everyone will benefit.

It’s Time to Reinvent How We Lead

Just as many of us check the weather before heading out on an adventure, as I’m sitting down to map out my month I tune into a few different sources for guidance as to how to align best with the energies at play. I set a business strategy, intention, and financial goal while also aligning […]

How to: Map a Month

Since the dawn of Book It, I have been a voracious reader. I just loved peeking into and learning about other lives. Books enable my very active imagination to soar…