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Just as many of us check the weather before heading out on an adventure, as I’m sitting down to map out my month I tune into a few different sources for guidance as to how to align best with the energies at play. I set a business strategy, intention, and financial goal while also aligning my spirit to divine guidance. Because well, the divine knows what I’m building towards, even when I get sidetracked. This is also how I refine my ability to hear my intuition.

Energy, although not seen by the naked eye by many of us, is palpably felt. We are all energy. Nikola Tesla is quoted as saying, “If you want to find the secrets of the universe, think in terms of energy, frequency and vibration.” Subtle shifts in ourselves, our world, and the universe impact all of us. The trick is, how do we align with it?

Once I started tuning in more to these subtle energies, I began to notice I was better set up for success. Instead of swimming against the current, I was swimming with it. The added bonus was my inner dialog started to shift into my best cheerleader rather than beating me up for all I wasn’t doing. I was honoring my inner rhythms and matching them with the outer world. 

Before I do or listen to anything, I recap my previous month noting where I saw movement and what I could improve upon. Then I create before consume by meditating on my best intention for the upcoming month. Of course, all of this goes into my trusty full focus planner

February’s intention: create without agenda or attachment to a particular outcome.

Then comes a card reading, with the intention for me to gain information that will support my and the world’s highest and best good. 

To sum that up…

As I fully detach from old me and step into this path that has existed all along, I’ll need to continue to weed out my own illusions of my smallness of what I deserve (I have been the ONLY one holding me back…). To do so, I will focus on full embodiment and embracing joy, what I feel fully in my body allows it to come into existence and allows me to act courageously seeing behind and underneath my fears. 

Science has found that when we feel fully into a vision we want to achieve it sends a message to our brain to figure out the strategy. How cool is that? Feeling can literally shift your brain into a new gear and pathway. 

Here are a few of my favorites:

Lee Harris has a great channeled monthly forecast. He mentions smoke and mirrors. Talk about synchronicity with my own card reading!

Nat’s Numbers has a gift for succinctly articulating and explaining the woo and numerology. Her messages have really rang true for me lately (a 2 life path). 

Colette Baron-Reid is super fun to watch, and it really resonates with me that we’re continuing to build to feel more momentum in March. 

Kari Samuels is full of love and light (literally that’s how she signs on and off), and I just love her brief channeled messges. She mentions a lion (more synchronicity!) and talks more about the lunar year of the water tiger. 

Find the card deck I used above and others here

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Here’s to an amazing rest of your month



Feb 10, 2022

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