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Since the dawn of Book It, I have been a voracious reader. I just loved peeking into and learning about other lives. Books enable my very active imagination to soar.

Now that I’m older and have studied the experts on habits, I’ve learned this reading love of mine is a crucial habit to long term success (not just for a free personal pan pizza).

These three books (available through local bookstores on my shop here) are educating me on… my worth (PSA it’s not tied to your productivity or what others think of you), my soul and spirituality, and my business entrepreneur brain. Each of these has the authors unique voice and personality woven in, and each is challenging me to see situations through a new lens. They are all also very entertaining! Especially, “Becoming Trader Joe,” by Joe Coulombe. It makes me wish I could’ve known him.

My favorite message so far from Joe, “the most important single business decision I ever made: to pay people well.” He then goes on to say, “Much of my career was spent trying to find ways to pay the high wages to which I was totally committed.” And he did just that and created an amazing business in the process.

His north star inspires me.

Nov 24, 2021

Reading & Learning


**Many of my posts contain affiliate links. These products I share are ones I use time and time again after choosing from the heart (and also earn income from, at no cost to you). They have changed my life and I hope to ripple that out to you. Thank you for supporting me!

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