How to Hear your Heart More

A brief video from me on how to hear your heart over the cacophony of your thoughts. Hint: your heart is always calm and rooted feeling and sounding. It’s like the loving grandma that nudges you and says with faith, “go on, you can do it.”

Did you know your brain is wired to keep you safe? This was an amazing feature during our hunter gatherer days, but it hasn’t evolved all that much since. What happens when we want to put ourselves out there more, shine a bit brighter, share something vulnerable? Our brain pulls out ALL the stops to do what it thinks will keep us safe.

But what if what’s keeping us “safe” is actually stopping us from living our best lives? Fear is tricky because it can be telling us two contradictory things: don’t do it because bad things really will happen or don’t do it because this is the path you signed up for, this is your calling, and although it’s scary you are going to be filled with joy, GO, leap.

Your heart is how you know the difference. It doesn’t have that same fear patterning and wiring built in, but it does know intuitively the best path for you forward. A path paved with love, faith, and trust in you and your abilities, even when things seem a bit scary.

What has your heart been nudging you to do? How can you take one baby step towards that this week?

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Jan 24, 2022

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