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With the current world turmoil and pain it seems strange to be writing about investing in learning the language of your heart and investing in YOU. But that’s the message that keeps banging on my metaphorical intuitive door to be shared. 

At this current stage on earth, it’s not selfish, it’s necessary and vital. The only why that comes to mind are examples from my own life. By learning the language of my heart and investing in key areas of myself and my life, I’ve aligned myself with a life that is no longer building others dreams, but brick by brick building my own (I know, scary) in every area of my life (and positively impacting people along the way). 

Pre-heart-centered me had chronic fatigue, fluctuating hormones and weight, often complained about work, was stressed to the max, said she wanted to date better but never made the effort to, held on tightly to old stories about herself and the world that were just plain not true etc.

Does any of this sound like anything you’re dealing with?

The good news is, my story today is different which leads me to know yours can be too. Now my health is the best it’s ever been (ok, I still get tired, but the world is pretty heavy right now, especially for an empath), my hormones are stable and I finally feel good in my skin and at my weight, my energy towards work is all about building not complaining, my stress levels are stable and manageable, and I’m dating the most amazing man who just being him seems to bring out the best in me. I’ve let the old outdated stories go, and I no longer feel so stuck, powerless, and hopeless.

You may feel slightly (or more than slightly) repulsed by this idea, as I would have just a few years ago. The world trains us to listen to it, not the inner workings of our hearts. Social media and marketers everywhere nudge our tribal nature and our need to fit in by telling us multiple times every day the opposite of what I’m sharing here. I was raised in a world that constantly told me I wasn’t enough unless, that I definitely didn’t know what was best for me, and that I must give of myself at all costs in order to be loved and accepted. 

I have a hunch many of you were raised in this world too. I hate to break it to you, but the above is malarkey. If you want to align yourself with your best life and make impact, it’s time to shake off the armor the world has taught you you needed and allow your unique light to shine brightly. In order for the tribe and planet to thrive, we need your heart-centered uniqueness. 

So… how do you tune back into your heart after years of ignoring its nudges?

Like any relationship that has seen periods of disconnection, you intentionally re-engage. You say hi, apologize for not listening to it all these years and start asking questions to learn about it again and build back trust. The best are simple questions like:

  • Heart, should I turn right or left here?
  • Should I stay home or go out to eat?
  • I’m craving Italian, got any ideas for me?
  • Etc

Quiet your mind and just be present for whatever answers arise. And practice this daily, go on dates with your heart. This will support you as you build up to the bigger questions. I also share here in an earlier video how I tune into my heart and what it feels like.

How do you know if an area of your life is ready for a heart-centered shift and purposeful investment?

Do you know what your vision is for the key areas of your life 6 months to a year from now? If not, check out this guided meditation.

Here are 3 ways to know where to focus your next investment in you (feel free to download the below and either print out as a simple writing exercise or edit directly on your screen in the PDF):

Now what? Commit to taking one tiny action step in a slightly new direction based on what you learn from the answers to the above questions. Not sure where to begin, simply send me an email, I’d love to help. 

In the next post I give examples of investments at all price levels that fuel your fire and level up your life. 

There are only 2 months left in the year, let’s all go out anchored more into our dreams and centered in our hearts.

Oct 23, 2023

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**Many of my posts contain affiliate links. These products I share are ones I use time and time again after choosing from the heart (and also earn income from, at no cost to you). They have changed my life and I hope to ripple that out to you. Thank you for supporting me!

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