Weekly Message: Trust the Good

Many of us our taught (by the world, our families, and our own experiences) to be on guard for the other shoe to drop, be ready and prepared for the worst. And I get it, it’s important in a sense.

But what if being prepared is getting in the way of us enjoying the good and nurturing it so it grows even more? What if it teaches us to not trust ourselves or our ability to handle whatever is thrown our way? 

Oftentimes, if we have any trauma in our systems, our nervous systems don’t trust the good, it’s too different (therefore unsafe) from what we know. For example, if you had caregivers growing up that were inconsistent, a consistent partner or even job environment may trigger your anxiety at first. 

And yes, outdated clutter gets in the way, making it harder for us to see and appreciate the good. And it makes it harder for the good in our lives to GROW. 

This week’s message was very clear, regardless of what could happen, enjoy the good in your life, trust it, and let it grow!

Sep 18, 2023

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