to support a more heart-centered you


something that helps you to do a particular activity.

courage comes easier with the right tools in your toolkit.


from latin cor: heart
from the heart



from latin cor: heart
speak || act ||be || live
from the heart

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A brief video from me on how to hear your heart over the cacophony of your thoughts. Hint…

How to Hear your Heart More

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Self-awareness is a superpower we all possess. We just need to practice it consistently (like all superheroes), dust off parts of ourselves long forgotten, and maybe sometimes have a special cape.

This months blog post’s goal is to give you access to more ways to harness and nurture your self-awareness and amplify your superpower.

Quote by Carl Jung

Are you enabling your future or are you enabling your fear? Read on for tools to support the life you’re building while still honoring the past.

What Are You Enabling?

Trees showing a quote from Warren Buffett

It’s a lot easier to make your own luck when your inner dialog is your number one fan. Let me show you how with my proven tactics.

Spring Clean Your Inner Dialog

Hydrangea's with their meaning: abundance, heartfelt emotion, and gratitude

A mission statement is your northstar that guides your everyday choices. So how do you write one that empowers you and your business? And why should you spend the time to do it?

What if I told you discomfort was worth wading through when you’ve identified the task as something that will get you closer to your vision? And that generally, it must be some sort of law of the universe, you will encounter discomfort as you pursue your dreams and your greater purpose.

Monthly Intuitive Theme: Move Through the Muck

Be Expansive: To broaden your reach and impact, to feel at once free and in great awe of the magic around you, to feel taken care of (expanding your capacity to receive and give), to feel inspired and to inspire others.

Be Expansive: A Roundup Of Inspiration from Others

My intuition has been knocking that the most important message for 2024 is to open ourselves up to the possibility of our most expansive future. But how can you be even more expansive than you are today?

Today, 12.12.23 is a powerful new moon in Sagittarius (my sign). Intentions set during the energy of a new moon are amplified. And I was guided to do something I haven’t done in a long time, draw a card that is meant to be a message for me and you. I asked what does everyone […]

A New Moon Card Reading

As I tuned in and asked God, the universe, and my heart the message that most needed to be shared this month I got lot of blank info at first. Then, after a few days, I thought about the biblical story of Jesus birth and the star that led the wisemen to Him. I also thought about the tradition of lighting candles for Advent and Hanukkah.

Monthly Intuitive Theme: Shine Bright

I’m sharing 3 gratitude practices that are a little different and aren’t talked about as often. When I’ve implemented these three I’ve noticed powerful changes

Have you ever noticed how hard it is to clean an area of your house you’ve neglected for a long time? Or how easy it is to clean your house when you’ve tidied up after yourself all week? I remember growing up during the summers it felt like my dad was always weeding.

Small Steps Now, Long-Term Leaps

The message the other day in these beautiful leaves scattered about, as if by hand, was on the gifts provided in letting go. I stopped dead in my tracks at the gorgeous play on pattern, texture, and color. First gift…

Let Go To Let Better In