Be Expansive: A Roundup Of Inspiration from Others

For those of you that have been following along since the beginning of the month, I was intuitively nudged to talk about allowing yourself to be more expansive this year, to expand past what you think is possible.

The definition the internet provided for expansive didn’t sit right with me (I guess it didn’t feel expansive enough 🤣), so I provided my email subscribers with this definition:

To broaden your reach and impact, to feel at once free and in great awe of the magic around you, to feel taken care of (expanding your capacity to receive and give), to feel inspired and to inspire others.

There are many ways to enhance your expansion and your reach.

Define What Expansive Feels Like for You

Really. Close your eyes and just feel into this for a minute. And as I suggested a few weeks ago, write it down. The process of writing is a powerful first step into making something more real.

Then allow yourself to see one simple step you can take, and likely take consistently, to bring this expansive feeling to life. Make a commitment to yourself to this and learn what changes can be created in your life and work.

I listed some proven habits here that will help. Don’t believe me? Then follow the habits and insights shown below of a winning quarterback, a habit expert, and science.

Expand by Letting Go

One of the best ways I’ve found to help me feel lighter, more free, more impactful, and more expansive is to let go of what no longer serves me. Sometimes this is stuff… sometimes this is an outdated mindset or belief… sometimes it’s a habit or a way I talk to myself.

For example, Matt pulled me aside a few months ago and lovingly told me my biggest issue is that I don’t believe in myself. It stung because he was so right. God has extra blessings for the people in our lives brave enough to tell us hard things when we need to hear it. I believed in everyone else but me. I’ve been slowly but surely removing that long-held story and re-writing it. I believe in ME!

I talk here about some simple ways to let go. On other blog posts you can find tips on clearing external clutter and how internal clutter gets in the way of empowered leadership in business and everywhere in life too.

Allow yourself a few moments to get present to an area of your life that feels extra heavy. What’s one tiny thing you could release to lighten this load?

As you’re doing this, ask yourself the below question and know and trust in the inherent laws of the universe:

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Blossom Into Your Expansion by Allowing Yourself to Receive

You’ve defined and anchored in what being expansive feels like to you, chosen some habits that align with that feeling, and let go of what gets in your way. Now you’ve created more room to receive even more. The last and final step of being your most expansive impactful wonderful self out in the world is allowing yourself to receive, and to receive even more than you ever have.

The saying an empty cup cannot fill another cup prevails for a reason. And airlines everywhere ask you to put your oxygen mask on first. It’s funny though how we often put ourselves dead last and require ourselves to give and do even more and more.

Read about the law that inspired me to think about this in a new way and some tips for you to receive more positive energy here.

One great way to receive is by asking for help (I know cringe for all of us that were taught to be independent and need no one — which is against our human nature, we are tribal and wired to be a part of a community)

What is one area that you’re feeling stuck and having a hard time? Is there someone you trust and/or admire that you can ask for help here?

What if you focused on filling your cup with simple daily practices?

(*for original posts and to follow them for inspiration just click the images)

The universe and the world need you at your most expansive self. Let’s ripple out so much goodness together.

Jan 23, 2024

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