Monthly Intuitive Theme: Be Expansive

One of the most powerful things I’ve learned and continue to witness through reiki and coaching is the amazing “magic” our brain, body, and soul can work when we spend time visioning and feeling the future we are working to create.

This does not mean avoiding the present, but it does mean taking a minute or two each day to feel into your most expansive future as if it already exists. This will empower your present moment choices leading you through a year where you feel more impact, more freedom, and more unconditional love (amongst other things).

My intuition has been knocking that the most important message for 2024 is to open ourselves up to the possibility of our most expansive future. But how can you be even more expansive than you are today? How can you time jump to 2025 making even more impact than you have already?

To me, expansive means: to broaden your reach and impact, to feel at once free and in great awe of the magic around you, to feel taken care of (expanding your capacity to receive and give), to feel inspired and to inspire others.

As with all things, being expansive starts with the tiny moments of each day. They add up, just like all your cells add up to the magical being that is you.

So, what makes you feel expansive?

How do you feel when you feel expansive?

I feel free, light, connected, impactful, safe, unconditionally loved, and taken care of. In fact, I cannot be expansive without those things. When I don’t feel safe or supported I tend to contract.

When you take a moment to think about how you want to feel and what you want to accomplish by this time next year (I know, I know, I went there, again…), what is most important to you? What are the details of these things? Think of them in the present tense.

Next, can you pick a habit to do regularly, that with consistency will get you there?

Here are simple habits that add up to me being and feeling my most expansive self:

  • In my home:
    • Make my bed every morning (because at least I accomplished one thing!)
    • Take time daily / weekly to clear any clutter, clean, and organize
    • Create daily rituals of connection (morning meditation with coffee, afternoon prayer with tea)
  • With food:
    • Eat what makes you feel nurtured and light
    • Spend time at least once a week preparing a healthy enjoyable meal
    • If you can, grow something (herbs on a windowsill, tomatoes on a fire escape, or an actual garden)
  • In my body (and mind):
    • Daily meditation (even mini ones!)
    • Daily body movement – working out makes me feel empowered, working out outside makes me feel empowered, connected, and in awe (which has some cool benefits!)
  • In my business:
    • Consistently nudging myself outside of my comfort zone
    • Growing my network through communities that inspire me and align with my values
    • Weekly and monthly processes (like closing my P&L)

Try any of the above for a week or two and see if you stretch your capacity to be expansive, to receive more, and to feel more impactful and empowered.

Or make a list of your own and commit to doing them as regularly as possible.

Let me know how it goes in the comments below.

Jan 4, 2024

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