Power of a Gratitude Practice

I know I’m one of many preaching the benefits of a gratitude practice, especially this time of year near Thanksgiving. I wouldn’t join in if I didn’t experience first-hand how powerful this practice can be in shifting lives. And if done regularly enough, it happens to compound and give you that much more to be grateful for.

Today, though, I’m sharing 3 gratitude practices that are a little different and aren’t talked about as often. When I’ve implemented these three I’ve noticed powerful changes in my inner dialog, feeling lighter and brighter in my body, seeing opportunities where I hadn’t before, and a lightness that comes from letting the energetic weight of another go.

Can you commit to doing the below for 30 days? Let me know the shifts that occur for you as a result.

  • Self-Gratitude: every morning (maybe while brushing your teeth) look at yourself in the mirror and say 3 things you’re grateful for about YOU.
    • Example statements could be:
      • I’m so grateful for my beautiful smile
      • I’m so grateful for my fortitude and determination, I wouldn’t be where I am today without it
      • I’m so grateful for the warmth I exude, people always seem to relax around me
      • I’m so grateful for every cell in my body working together making it possible to be ME
  • Future-Gratitude in Present Tense: think of a dream you want to achieve that hasn’t been made real yet, be grateful for that dream in present tense as if it’s already happened.
    • Example statements could be:
      • Want to get a dog someday? I’m so grateful for waking up everyday to puppy snuggles.
      • What to have a successful business that makes impact? I’m so grateful for the customers I support and connect with, it feels great to positively impact so many lives.
      • Want to own a lake house? I’m so grateful for summer weekends with my closest family and friends taking in the best weather at the lake.
  • Gratitude for the sucky parts of life: Ok, this one’s the hardest and I’m annoyed at myself for even writing it, but it’s also the one that can bring the most magic. The hardest parts of life and the hardest most painful people are where we learn the most lessons and enhance our empathy (irritatingly so). Think of something or someone that has been extra hard for you and find a little nugget in that to be grateful for.
    • Example statements could be:
      • I’m grateful this person has shown me the type of leader I promise never to be
      • Even though it hurt that this person treated me this way, I’m extra nurturing to others as a result and for that I am so grateful
      • This job was not at all what I thought it would be, but I learned a few new things and made a couple great friends, I’m grateful for the clarity I have as I go forward.

A gratitude practice shapes your perspective on life. With it as your lens you will see opportunities and connections that were always there but just sligthly out of your line of sight.

What are you most grateful for in you? Share in the comments below, I’d love to hear it and celebrate you!

Nov 22, 2023

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