Monthly Intuitive Theme: Shine Bright

As I tuned in and asked God, the universe, and my heart the message that most needed to be shared this month I got lot of blank info at first. Nothing like a little radio silence from spirit…

Then, after a few days, I thought about the biblical story of Jesus birth and the star that led the wisemen to Him. I also thought about the tradition of lighting candles for Advent and Hanukkah. Then as I continued to research it seems as though every religion has some sort of festival of light. The common threads that connect our differences are often the most important roots and lessons.

Shine Bright. Shine bright so that your people can find you, shine bright so you can light the way for others out of their own darkness, shine bright so others can warm from your light. It still felt so cliché, but it also felt really right.

The image I was guided to use was one taken a few years ago of a sundog and more recently a literal sundog. It was so cold that day in Minnesota that you could see spots of light reflecting off of ice crystals and creating this beautiful bright shiny light. Kai just always seems to have a glimmer about him.

You never know where your light could reach or what reflections it will make for others. It really doesn’t matter the conditions, a bright authentic light will always find a way. Even better, many bright authentic lights connected together united with intention and goals that positively impact many.

Tips to Shine a Bit Brighter

As you’re closing out 2023 and looking ahead to making 2024 your best year yet, here are a few tips to ensure you’re shining bright.

  • Clear the clutter (your light will shine brighter with less in it’s way): delete emails, donate clothes, change one outdated mindset, let people go who don’t empower you to be your best or celebrate you
  • Volunteer for a cause you are passionate about
  • Practice posing for pictures in front of the mirror (notice when you shine confidence out and when you don’t)
  • Block 5 minutes a day for a you ritual (maybe that’s a meditation or prayer practice in the shower, journaling your gratitude list, or saying affirmations while you brush your teeth)
  • Create a cozy nurturing environment in your home: light your candles and put your favorite music on
  • Commit to taking one step on that thing you’ve been putting off all year
  • Know it’s ok to turn off and dim down a bit from time to time to recharge
  • Remember to breath

Dec 5, 2023

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