What is Reiki Anyway?

Lately as I’ve been describing Reiki, I tell people it’s a lot like wifi (probably to the dismay of my most amazing teacher). But really how do we know how all of a sudden we can see faces on a screen and talk to people real time who are across the world? There are no wires that this information goes through — it literally goes through AIR. So why can’t humans with the right intention and training conduct energy in the same way? We are made up of ENERGY! That’s how our cells talk to each other.

I have been gifted with a — suspend disbelief and judgment, try first, and assess after — mentality. This gift led me on the path of learning many amazing eastern practices in my own healing journey (I just don’t take no for an answer!), but Reiki was the one that stole my heart. I started my Reiki education when I needed it the most, and it has been a critical, most used tool in my kit ever since. Good thing it only gets better and sharper with use!

Another way I describe Reiki is that it is a hands-on healing technique with the intention to provide relaxation that empowers the body. It does this by reducing the stress that stays in our cells after trauma, sickness, or injury. Studies have found this state of relaxation can have profound healing effects, and can be a critical support tool to western medicine. Mount Sinai has a great description here. Even a 15 minute session can have major impact!

Feb 5, 2022

Health, Spirituality


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