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Today marks a turning point, a major shift in a story of mine. I made a new choice, about a year and a half ago, anchored on what I need to thrive as a highly sensitive human. Today that choice is made real! And my advice to you is, get that dog (or any animal) that you’ve wanted since you were a wee one. Little us tended to know our needs more authentically than big us (so much societal, subconscious programming, and desire to please and be loved hides our original wants from us… but that’s a lesson for another day).

Meet Kai, short for Kailua, for my joyful memories spent with my parents in Kailua-Kona, and nudged by a question from my uncle (I was originally leaning towards Kona). Born a Taurus, united with his human on Father’s Day. In Hawaiian, Kailua means two seas as the Kailua Bay is where two currents meet. Kai in Europe can indicate warrior, and in its Welsh and Greek roots means keeper of the keys and earth. Biblically Kai means rejoice. All of these resonate so deeply with me, and I feel he will be all of these and more for my sensitive heart and my adventures ahead!

Kai and I meet for the first time IRL post our video date! So. Many. Smooches.

As an HSP, animal companions are critical to our well-being, ability to receive love, and maintain a calmed nervous system. They have been shown to regulate our nervous systems back to a parasympathetic state, that flow calm state where you just feel so fully loved and supported. If you’ve ever seen a golden retriever (or any dog for that matter) greet a stranger with the biggest doggo smile ever and tail wags for miles you know science has to be right!

I put my name down for this little nugget with Goldiva Goldens a year and half ago and timing still doesn’t fully make sense, but my heart says it couldn’t be more perfect. This is probably my reminder to trust in God’s / the Universe’s master plan especially when you feel it’s rightness but can’t explain it. Go after your dreams one tiny new choice at a time.

My father promised me a dog when I was 15, went so far as to get some strange electric fence thing from United Mileage Plus Catalog. He then proceeded to break my heart and trust, never actually getting me the little animal companion I needed as a sensitive child to thrive. And then in the years that followed, our family experienced great loss, and it just sort of feels like we never recovered.

With this new choice, I let that wound go and change my story forever. And yes, completely not planned on Father’s Day (honestly I just liked that he’s a Taurus πŸ˜‚πŸ€“, rooted and steady).

Nothing is by accident. I know my dad is smiling down with joy and pride today and aligning even more magic with his angel wings.

Thank you dad for supporting me in making this right.

Looking forward to watching more of your magic take shape in mom’s and my life as we make even bigger moves this year. #matchmakerangel #entrepreneurangel #housesellingangel #newcommunitiesangel

🀍🀍🀍 & 🐾🐾🐾,

Nicole & Kai

First selfie! #puparazzi
His sweet mama, LouLou

Jun 18, 2022

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