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I’ve been percolating these last few days about how I feel about posting on the events of the weekend and the overturning of Roe v Wade. Should I post? Does the world need my thoughts mixed with all the other opinions? Does it feel right in my soul to share what I know? Could my knowledge empower someone and potentially impact change?

My goal in life and as a coach is to hold space, lead with curiosity and empathy, spread knowledge, empower people to shift into their highest and best, and bring more love and light into this world. To do this, I cannot ignore or bypass the dark, the controlling, the hate, the manipulation, the negative aspect of the ego. 

So I will share the facts I have learned in my own healing and as I’ve stepped fully into life as a highly sensitive person and leadership coach. 

Here’s what I know:

🌱 Emotional safety for a child is as important as a roof over their head and food on their table, this all begins in the mother’s womb. 

🌱 In the womb, the baby is constantly attuning to the state of the mother. Does she feel safe? Does she feel secure? How is she emotionally? This makes so much logical sense as the baby is wired to survive, checking in with mom, ensures its survival. 

Without emotional safety…

🥀 The child’s nervous system gets tuned into fight or flight & dorsal states (not natural for them!).

🥀 The chemistry of their body and hormone balances are altered (leading to food sensitivies, auto-immune, anxiety, etc).

🥀 They see the world through the lens of this stress of this imbalance and it’s incredibly difficult to shift back into that pure love child state.

🥀 They will do and be anything to get the love and safety they never felt (this can come out sideways in many ways, through anger, depression, addiction, violence, people-pleasing, etc).

🥀 Their brains soak up knowledge differently. When you are always in a state of fear, learning is less important for the brain and body, it is only thinking about survival. 

There is so much more…

Here’s what I feel:

As a super sensitive human who’s wired a bit differently, I am feeling the fear, anxiety, and anger of all women in addition to my own. I am needing more rest and more of what nurtures me to ensure my resilience, that my best me is what the world and my clients get, and that my foundation is strong for the bravery that is needed. 

With my intuitiveness, I have a deep knowing that taking away 50% of the populations choice is a power move. It has absolutely nothing to do with life or death, but rather control. 

Because if it had to do with life…

It wouldn’t just ensure that baby makes it out alive. It would mean support and nurturing the mother, the father, the caregivers, that baby every step of it’s life. Ensuring that baby and everyone responsible for that baby thrives physically, mentally, emotionally, and spiritually. 

The consequences of not doing so are dire, and short and long term not where I want to see us go as a society. 

There is no power for anyone in this. 

If you are feeling a great state of overwhelm, phone a friend, snuggle a pet, get outside, pray, meditate, or even send me a note via email. The only way forward is to weave our differences and our similarities together and learn and grow to be better. 

I dive into this more deeply and how choice has showed up for me as an HSP at this post on Instagram.

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Jun 27, 2022

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