Heart-Centered Relationship with Food

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I had a disconnected & unhealthy relationship with food for much of my life including disordered eating and negative body image from my early teens to my mid-twenties. And if I’m being really honest, I still struggle with body image. I won’t go into the why behind it here, it’s layered and complicated, but I’m grateful for the mindset tools I have now to kindly shift out of the negative and honor and nurture my body. 

Much of this came from being too in my head about food and not listening to my body or my heart when eating or choosing what to eat. I mean, the magazine knew better than my own body right? I’m still healing my hormones from the low-fat craze during my teen years in the 90’s…

When I finally reconnected to food again through simple acts, so much changed. The definition of food is pretty basic: any nutritious substance that people or animals eat or drink or that plants absorb in order to maintain life and growth.

Yet food has so much power over our lives. It can be a way we disconnect from or connect to ourselves, our emotions, our community. We can use it to abuse or nurture ourselves. It has the power to heal or hurt. When we take the time to grow our own food we learn cycles and rhythms of the wisdom of nature. We also feel empowered when the world is in turmoil and financially things feel tighter.

When we look at food as a tool and connect more deeply with it, it has the power to ground us in the present moment, reduce stress, bring joy, enhance community, and change lives. At least it has done all of this for me. 

I share simple tips that healed my relationship with food, empower my week, and some fun food business start-ups in this category.

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Aug 4, 2023

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**Many of my posts contain affiliate links. These products I share are ones I use time and time again after choosing from the heart (and also earn income from, at no cost to you). They have changed my life and I hope to ripple that out to you. Thank you for supporting me!

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