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follow your heart

adverb, adjective

to be, act, and make decisions from your heart rather than your head. 


from latin cor: heart
from the heart


from latin cor: heart
speak || act ||be || live
from the heart

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Heart at the center of a map

Studies show heart frequency senses before the brain as it extends farther out from our bodies. It’s deeply connected to the intuition and what is best for you and the planet. It rarely makes logical sense in the moment. It usually nudges you towards something that’s a bit scary. It trusts that there is always plenty…

What is Heart-Centered?

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Growing our capacity to listen and to do so lavishly from the heart has the power to transform every area of our lives and every relationship we encounter. The cardinal teaches us just that. If you’ve ever watched a cardinal, you can tell when it’s attentively and with deep presence listening.

How the gray wolf models the art of prioritization and 4 simple steps I use to gain confidence in my ability to prioritize all areas of my life.

Prioritize with Confidence

The past few months I’ve talked about the power of vision, trusting in the seeds you’ve planted, and intuition, discipline and grit felt like the perfect next chapter in this series. Without a clear vision for your life and dreams it’s difficult to know where to apply grit. It takes great discipline to maintain faith, keep working in spite of not yet seeing results, and to practice honing and following your intuition.

Bee Deliberate with Your Discipline

Who do you turn to when you’re feeling stuck and not sure what next step to take? How do you recalculate a path that seems, as least in the moment, to be a bit like Ground Hog’s Day? Where do you look when the seas of your life are rocky? Who do you engage with when life is going great, and you want it to only get better?

Painting of Old Presque Isle Lighthouse

How do you trust that the seeds you’ve planted in your life are held by healthy soil and will eventually blossom? Channel your inner gardener: prune, tidy, care for the soil of yourself and your life, and trust in the cycles of life.
+ coaching tips & meditation

Tools to Embrace Times of Darkness

In 2017, at least I think it was 2017, the years are so blurry these days, I took a hard look at my life and realized how unhappy I was and how that was coming out sideways with how little I was taking care of myself.

Habit Tip: Mirror, Mirror

Every habit guru and successful entrepreneur I’ve studied has a solid morning routine that empowers them. Friends doggo not always included but feel free to include any pets or kids of your own!