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follow your heart

adverb, adjective

to be, act, and make decisions from your heart rather than your head. 


from latin cor: heart
from the heart


from latin cor: heart
speak || act ||be || live
from the heart

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Heart at the center of a map

Studies show heart frequency senses before the brain as it extends farther out from our bodies. It’s deeply connected to the intuition and what is best for you and the planet. It rarely makes logical sense in the moment. It usually nudges you towards something that’s a bit scary. It trusts that there is always plenty…

What is Heart-Centered?

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How we lead in our lives and in our careers needs to be reinvented. In order to create a regenerative and sustainable world it’s time to excavate what keeps getting in our way. If each of us taps into and supports ourselves in being our best, everyone will benefit.

This post is for the late bloomers, for the highly sensitives (aka empaths but referred to throughout this post as HSP) among us born into a world that doesn’t know what to do with us, for those who’s inner dialog is constantly telling them they are never enough…

Highly Sensitive, What You See Versus

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