My Proof…

That we are all indeed magic.

Before sitting down to write this post I did a little research as to the word origin and meaning of “magic.” Words have always fascinated me. Maybe it’s because my mom was once a copywriter, and I’ve been corrected my entire life. Maybe it’s also because as a highly sensitive person I feel the impact of words in small and big ways #hsp. Science has proven that the words we use shape how we see the world. Try it out sometime. What’s a negative word you use to describe yourself? Switch it to something positive for a week. How do you feel about you after that week?

Back to magic. The word itself originated in the 1400’s, which makes me wonder, was it just accepted before with no need for categorization? One meaning that stood out: “art of influencing or predicting events and producing marvels using hidden natural forces.” The root of the word has origins in many different languages, all similarly meaning, “to be able to.” 

Simple and basic yet also incredibly profound. Like scrambling eggs, you influence the egg when you crack it open and whisk it, and then the pan cooks it with hidden natural forces. How on earth does the electricity or gas suddenly make part of the stove hot at a temperature of your choosing? Yes, I know there are sciences that cover this, but you can’t actually see what’s making this happen, you just turn a knob and trust and know it is.

When I take the time to think about the wonder that is our human body, I am reminded that miracles happen moment by moment thanks to seemingly hidden natural forces. The fact that I’m able to type this means every cell in my body is working together through an impressive network of nerves without any real guidance from me accept a vision and a thought, yet over the keys my fingers go, as if by magic. 

You’re reading this on the internet, which, despite using every day, I still couldn’t tell you how it worked. It’s as if by magic, information is translated from me over wires and air, in decipherable form to you, the reader. 

These simple feats are how I know each and everyone of us is magic. 

What if, as suggested in my last post, we start to believe it and talk to ourselves as if every day were a pure gift, as if we were a pure gift? What if we pay as much attention to our goodness as we do others and pay less attention to the things we’d like to improve upon? What if, when we act with pure intent, we trust that the universe, God, was conspiring behind the scenes in our favor?

Still curious about what I found on blue in nature?

Skip right to the tips, I’m ready for more magic.

Sep 14, 2022

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