Light Tricks

Who knew most, if not all blue, is a play of light and a magical feat in nature?

When I stumbled across this information, my curiosity was piqued, and I had to fact check. This rabbit hole led me to learn that this is true!

It’s all a bit complicated and is bringing me back to that physics class I hated in high school. The butterfly featured in my earlier post, as an example, uses layers that manipulate light so that colors cancel each other out, making it so only blue is reflected. You are literally seeing blue, but it isn’t actually blue!

Have you ever seen a child with a pail of ocean water only for it to look clear? It looks blue to our eyes because water absorbs the red part of the light spectrum reflecting back blue. Reference site is here.

There’s a lot more on this here for those of you that want to deep dive into information like I do. And for those of you that know how my HSP, neurodivergent brain works, I am computing at a rapid pace how this information can serve many. It has so much to teach us. 

But the questions that stand out the most to leave you with… knowing how light has the power to shift what we see, based on what we absorb (ie learn / know) and filter back out. Knowing that our inner world absorbs and then reflects what we see back to us. Where in your life can you shine a light into something that feels dark? Where can you shift your inner dialog and see how you see solutions and options where you saw nothing before?

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Above photo from Pexels by Deepu B Iyer

Sep 15, 2022

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