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September’s theme was given to me as I was working in mom’s yard.  The image above was painted by my talented aunt, more on her work here. This beautiful butterfly, scientifically referred to as Limenitis Arthemis, caught my attention as it fluttered by. I don’t recall ever seeing something like this before. At first glance it looked almost entirely black, but at a closer look had blue specs on one side and orange on the underside. It fluttered slowly, as if to ensure I was paying attention then almost seemed to pause on my shoulder. 

Of course, I went straight in to google what this creature was and inquire as to what it was trying to tell me. Since I was a little kid I’ve believed in the inherent wisdom of nature and the interconnectedness we can have with it (very #hsp of me). Butterflies themselves symbolize rebirth, “The Very Hungry Caterpillar” was a favorite of mine as a kid. Others believe that butterflies are just another way your loved ones who have passed can send their love. 

This one was so unique I had to dig deeper. In my deep dive I found that blue is actually incredibly rare in nature and a bit of a magical feat by those that appear blue to our eyes.  Excluding the ocean and the sky, how many blue flowers or animals do you see? Did you know much of the blue we see is actually a trick of the light, like something from a magician’s show?

As I scoured the internet for more information a theme tugged at my intuition and emerged. This butterfly wanted all of us to be reminded that we are magic, and it’s time we each unleash our unique gifts to the world.

It pointed to one major problem to address. We are ignorant to our own gifts when we speak down to ourselves. When our inner dialog is a bully rather than a cheerleader. We usually hide and diminish ourselves in front of bullies, rarely do they inspire us to shine our lights brighter. So why do we treat and talk to ourselves in such a way? What is the point?

My life has been an example of what many studies have shown, our brain and body work together to make the stories we tell ourselves real. That’s how powerful we are. You tell yourself you are less than, you will do everything in your power to continue to be. It’s time we switch that dialog around, one tiny word and tone at a time.

Don’t believe me? There are three more parts to this series at the links below, ending with 4 proven tips to shift your inner dialog and tap into your gifts.

How do I know we’re all magic?

What science has to say about the some of the blue we see in nature.

4 guided steps along the path to a more magical life.  

New here and not sure exactly what #hsp means? Check out this post here.

Sep 14, 2022

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