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follow your heart

adverb, adjective

to be, act, and make decisions from your heart rather than your head. 


from latin cor: heart
from the heart


from latin cor: heart
speak || act ||be || live
from the heart

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Heart at the center of a map

Studies show heart frequency senses before the brain as it extends farther out from our bodies. It’s deeply connected to the intuition and what is best for you and the planet. It rarely makes logical sense in the moment. It usually nudges you towards something that’s a bit scary. It trusts that there is always plenty…

What is Heart-Centered?

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To unleash your own magic.

If you’ve read my previous posts I’m making the case that each and every one of us is magic.

Who knew most, if not all blue, is a play of light and a magical feat?

When I stumbled across this information, my curiosity was piqued, and I had to fact check. This rabbit hole led me to learn that this is true!

Light Tricks

Shades of Blue

That we are all indeed magic.

Before sitting down to write this post I did a little research as to the word origin and meaning of “magic.”

My Proof…

Light lifts the fog

I’ve been percolating these last few days about how I feel about posting on the events of the weekend and the overturning of Roe v Wade. Should I post? Does the world need my thoughts mixed with all the other opinions? Does it feel right in my soul to share what I know? Could my knowledge empower someone and potentially impact change?

Today marks a turning point, a major shift in a story of mine. I made a new choice (about a year and a half ago) anchored on what I need to thrive as a highly sensitive human. Today that choice is made real!

Highly Sensitive Tool: Pet Companion

What areas of your life are you saying you want a thing to happen, but in reality what you’re experiencing is exactly the opposite?

Coaching Tip: Get Unstuck

…that pack a big punch when done consistently.

Since the dawn of Book It, I have been a voracious reader. I just loved peeking into and learning about other lives. Books enable my very active imagination to soar…

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